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Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act - Are you ready?

This Act came into force on 5 September 2007. It means that you need the consent of the recipient of any commercial email, SMS text and instant message before it is sent.

Companies have six months to get their house in order. If you send information to existing marketing lists you must:

  • Get consent from every recipient of an electronic message
  • Make sure the commercial electronic message has an "unsubscribe" facility
  • Make sure the message clearly identifies who has authorized sending this message and how they can be contacted
  • Not use "address-harvesting software" that searched the internet for electronic addresses

The consent requirement applies to one-off emails as well as bulk email. For a full a full explanation of the new regulations contact visit the Department for Internal Affairs website

E-newsletters - fast, targeted, cost-effective and kind to trees!

Email is one of the fastest, cheapest and most convenient ways of communicating today. E-newsletters are a great way of telling your clients and potential customers about your business, services and products. As well as all the money you save in avoiding printing and postage costs, they're kind to our environment too.

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