business training - one on one

Business Training - One on One

There may be some members of an organisation that require that extra bit of assistance to get them off the ground and this can be done on an individual basis so that we can work at the pace of the individual concerned.

Common Areas for Individual Training are:
  • Software Training :
    • PhotoShop
    • DreamWeaver
    • Developing Websites, etc.

  • Organisational fit - sometimes further training is required for an individual to reach the standard expected of your Company and match that of your other Staff. We can assist them in reaching this target.

  • Customer Care - how to deal with Customers in a professional and appropriate manner.

  • Manager/Supervisor training - a personalised approach to maximise their effectivity both as a leader and team motivator.

If you are interested in any of the above training, amongst others, please contact us on

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