content management systems

Content Management Systems

These days many company owners do not want to incur the costs of on-going Designer or Programmer fees and some simply just want to have more control over their own websites than they perhaps have had in the past. There are a couple of options open to review:

Basic Content Management Software

This is the cost-effective approach to being able to edit your own Website. There is a presupposition that you already have in place - or are currently building - an HTML Website as this software does not apply to database driven Websites.

With this Software you can do basic editing of your Website:-

•  Text amends

•  Capacity to upload already resized and formatted images

It gives you direct access to your Website and allows you to preview your pages before you post them live.

If you are interested in this product please email us on .

Comprehensive Content Management Systems

This entails building a database driven Website for the Company and allows for more in-house editing freedom than the basic software. Examples of which are:-

•  Ability to add and edit tex t on the Website

•  Capacity to add new pages

•  Automatic image compression applies so thumbnails do not need to be created

•  Ability to issue Member's and Administration staff with their own Logins

With a more fully database driven Website requirement we also offer the opportunity of having a Technical Spec drawn up as this more comprehensive option is in fact a Business Solution as it is scaleable and can allow for all sorts of extra modular inclusions like taking reservations on-line, emailing to a branded newsletter to your database, doing your accounts on-line amongst many more.

If you are interested in have a Business Solution/Content Management System simply email us now on outlining your query.


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