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Corporate Web Design and Ecommerce

Corporate Web Design and Ecommerce

Victoria Webdesign was founded by Victoria Ludemann in 2000. Victoria started off as a Graphic Designer in print and worked her way up to multimedia and web design in a short period of time after which she landed up managing web and print media studios for large Corporate Companies and Agencies in London, UK (like Credit Suisse First Boston, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell and (formerly the largest IT magazine in the UK).

Victoria then immigrated to New Zealand and set up Victoria Webdesign , a cutting-edge Design Studio addressing all on- and off-line design, plus hard-core Programming requirements. The team as it stands is very strong and has a healthy balance of outstanding Project Management skills (over 15 years experience in the web and print environment internationally) together with fantastic design skills (Degreed) backed by exceptional programming ability too.

The Portfolio of Clientele should speak for itself boasting names like Kodak, Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, - amongst a few.

If you require any assistance whatsoever please don`t hesitate to contact us by emailing us here at Victoria Webdesign by Clicking Here.
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