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Driving customers to your door, rewarding their loyalty and building a valuable marketing database are just some of the great benefits of Gift Cards and E-Vouchers. They are fast becoming the single most effective marketing tool used by both large and smaller businesses.

Gift cards - like a plastic credit card with a bar code and/or a magnetic readable strip - help build your brand and provide an incentive for people to shop with you. You can also use Gift Cards to capture valuable marketing information. E-vouchers do the same thing - but are provided as a printable voucher.

For example, a Queenstown ski rental shop website gives people the chance to buy a gift card online for friend who will be visiting in the winter - and guarantees that the recipient of the gift card uses that store when they're in town.

We can brand your own Gift Cards, just the way you want them and provide a seamless and secure service for you and your customers at a competitive price.

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