hiring and advertising

Hiring and Advertising

It is absolutely critical that the right person is selected for the right job. This process is two tiered:
  1. Correct job assessment is required to understand exactly what is needed
  2. The right person has to be located for the position.
This may sound like an obvious thing to do but it quite often, in fact, most often, does not take place!

Typically whoever is doing the hiring will hire whoever is most like them, which is fine if the job is exactly what that person does but if not, it results in not only the wrong fit for the position but an organisational imbalance.

The process Victoria Webdesign follows is:
  • We assess what determines a perfect fit - what is the job exactly and what type of person exactly are we looking for
  • We help to word the advertisements correctly so those kind of people are attracted to the advert when reading it in the newspaper or on the Web
  • The advert can also be designed by Victoria Webdesign if required
  • Applicants are screened on CV receipt
  • An initial interview is conducted using specific personality tests and questionnaires and finally
  • A handful of 'best fits' will be presented to your Company for your selection.

Don't find out the hard way - save yourself time, money and training by getting it right in the first place! Contact us now on info@vwd.co.nz


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