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These days there are a number of hosting options out there that to be quite frank add more confusion than anything. Most of our new Clients don`t even understand what they`re being charged for so they just pay the bill every month for fear of having to be treated with their ISP`s wonderful automated telephone help desk service!

Well, at Victoria Webdesign we explain everything to you so there is no confusion at all. We are reliable, friendly and cost-effective. What this means for you is that you are getting a very good deal with personalised fast service.

Our ISP (Internet Server Provider) supports all programming technologies from PHP to Cold Fusion on Linyx and SQL server bases. We also include for you one FREE email account with your site hosted and there is no web address redirection charge with Victoria Webdesign!

All our prices vary according to the size of your Website - we feel you should only pay for what you actually use! If you would like a FREE no obligation quote please Click Here to email us.
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