Victoria Web Design Queenstown - Programming

Victoria Web Design Queenstown - Programming

On-line Programming

At Victoria Webdesign we have got a large number of skills covering everything from ASP, PHP to Cold Fusion skills and we can develop on whichever server base you choose be it MY/SQL Server or Linyx based (amongst others).

Comprehensive solutions can be supplied for ranging from basic search facilities on Websites to full-scale database driven, content management and e-commerce solutions.

If you would like to see some of the programmed Websites Click Here to view our Portfolio.

Off-line Software Development

Quite often these days the problem with a lot off-line software is that it simply was not built with the capacity to be web-enabled and can create an enormous amount headaches as a result.

Even if you don`t want to be on the web eventually a large number of small enterprises are expanding to such an extent that the off-the-shelf software products just don´t suffice any more.

In some cases a number of companies have merged and all their accounts, sales and bookings have to be tied into one solution and custom software programming is required - Victoria Webdesign can deliver.

If any of the above sound like you, contact Victoria Webdesign where we will give you a FREE no obligation quote. Click Here to email us.

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