search engine optimization service

Seach Engine Optimization Service

Having a cutting-edge, graphically pleasing website created is one thing but marketing it is quite another! It is a whole precise science having your website found. Imagine that your website is in a massive warehouse, if you don`t index it or market it how is anyone going to find you? Making sure your website address is on all printed material is one way but your website is only part of your overall marketing campaign and should be actively promoted so that it is in front of your specific target market ensuring you are not doing a scatter-gun approach.

At Victoria Webdesign we offer you the following Solutions to get your presence known.

Keyword Search

We have access to an international database that tracks exactly what was typed into the key Search Engines by people in the last three months. No second guessing what your Customers are actually typing in - this report will tell you exactly what specific words, phrases and even typos are being put into the search bar. From this we can deduce what web names to purchase, what text to have included in your site amongst other things. Contact us on if getting such a report is of interest to you.

One-off Campaigns

This is a base point to start from. This package includes:-

•  A Keyword Search Report

•  Analysis of your Website structure is done to see if it is Search Engine Friendly - if not we will make the relevant suggestions to make it so to your designers or we can make these corrections ourselves

•  Ways to enhance your presence is done through respective SEO techniques being implement and

•  Your site is submitted correctly to the top targeted free Search Engines

Click here to find out more.

On-going Campaigns

This normally appeals to larger organisations where we work closely with your off-line Marketing Specialist/Department to make sure that whatever is being done off-line is supported on-line. We also assess the site as it stands and put in place whatever is necessary to get the site moving up the ranks within the budget provided .

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Want to short cut your way to the top of Google ? This can be done by investing in a Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC). This is when you pay per click referral to your site. This can be done on a scaleble budget or can be set on a daily limit . Victoria Webdesign will set it up , manage your monthly Campaign and run reports tracking your progress.

Contact us at Victoria Webdesign by Clicking Here for assistance with your website marketing.


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