shopping carts for retail stores

Shopping Carts for Retail Stores

E-commerce/Shopping Carts

The Internet is now being recognised as a very powerful selling tool. A number of savvy companies are realising that they can make a mint on the Net through having an on-line store where Customers world-wide can purchase their products or services 24 hours a day.

Basic to comprehensive shopping carts can be provided by Victoria Webdesign from solutions that involve a very basic shopping cart where items can be added and deleted to more intense solutions that involve a high level of tracking, secure customer liaison and reporting.

At Victoria Webdesign we provide two E-commerce solutions:-

Non Real-time E-commerce

Once a Customer has fulfilled his/her shopping requirements the system will take the Customer through to highly secured server where their Credit Card details are retained. At Victoria Webdesign we have an automated facility that emails you immediately notifying you that a transaction has taken place. You are issued with a password and login to access the information at which point you can complete the payment transaction off-line in your normal way.

Real-time E-commerce

Here the Customer fulfils their shopping requirements via our system at which point the website is linked to a Payment Gateway or directly to the Bank where the Customer`s card details are checked in real-time for available funds. Once this has been confirmed money is taken and deposited overnight into the stipulated bank account.

On-line shopping carts are great for a number of people like:-
  • Any product sellers ie - Clothes, Lord of the Rings/New Zealand souvenirs or merchandise, artwork, possum products, supermarkets, CDs, health products and the list goes on
  • Activity or Accommodation Providers who would like to have money taken on-line in advance
  • Car or Campervan Rental Companies
  • Auction sites
  • Information Centres
  • Travel Agencies
  • Flight Bookers, etc

Just about anything really and the bonus here is that your shop has an international frontage!

If you would like to see some of the Shopping Cart and E-commerce web solutions built, please Click Here to view our Portfolio. If you would like a FREE no obligation quote for a potential project please Click Here to email us.

Secure Payment Page

Now perhaps your a SME and don`t really want the full-blown solution. Perhaps your an Accommodation or Activities Provider and just want to receive Credit Card information securely.

At Victoria Webdesign we have the perfect solution for you! We have secure 128 bit SSL certificate on the server so we can create a securely hosted form where your Clients can enter their information safely. You will then be contacted by email where you will be able to retrieve the information. This is can all be done for a nominal setup and monthly fee.

Incidentally this can be attached to an already created website.

Contact us now at Victoria Webdesign to arrange this for you by Clicking Here!

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