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Learn how to Get More Customers to your Website!

Victoria Ludemann is an E-Marketing Guru who is going to share some never before told secrets of how to get traffic to your Website. You cannot afford to miss this one!

In this 4 hour course you will learn the following:-

  • Secrets of the E-marketing Industry that help you get Customers to your site
  • Learn how to keep Customers on your site when they get there
  • Do's and Don'ts of E-marketing
  • Discover how to structure/restructure your Website so it is easily found
  • Find out what Campaign options you have
  • Learn how to do this yourself/the power to tell your Designer what needs to be done
  • Find out how to submit to Search Engines/Directories correctly
  • Tips on how to convert Visitors to Customers
  • And much more!

SPECIAL - 4 hours = $199 + Gst

Normally $349.00 + Gst. SAVE $150.00 If you BOOK and pay by 30th APRIL 2009

Conditions apply:-

- Full payment required before the Course in order for an Applicant to participate
- If a Course is cancelled by VWD, full refund will apply
- VWD can disallow any applicant from participating should they choose

- If an Applicant decides to cancel their booking percentage return will depend on notice period provided and this will be at the discretion of VWD

MAY 2009


Date:- Tues 12th May


9.00 am 1.00 pm
(Half hour break catered for)

Venue: - TBA

Date:- Weds 13th May


9.00 am 1.00 pm
(Half hour break catered for)

Venue: - TBA


Rembember BOOK BEFORE BY THE 30TH OF APRIL 2009 and you get as much as $150.00 off!


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